What Is Sober Curiosity?

Before diving into our sober curious quiz, let’s define what sober curiosity is. If you’ve ever asked yourself what life would be like without alcohol, if you rely on alcohol for stress or anxiety relief, or why there is always alcohol at every event, you may be “sober curious.” Questions concerning alcohol and its role in your life are all a sign of sober curiosity.

Sobriety is a lifestyle that is often chosen as the result of alcoholism, problematic alcohol use, or an otherwise negative history of alcohol impacting someone’s life directly or through someone else. Within this lifestyle, the individual is making a clear decision not to indulge in an alcoholic beverage.

Those with sober curiosity differ slightly. People who are “sober curious” are in the midst of deciding whether to question, change or eliminate their drinking habits, usually for health-focused reasons. Sober curiosity can be a personal journey, as well as part of a larger social movement such as a “Sober October” or “Dry January.”

The Sober Curious movement and lifestyle continues to gain popularity as more individuals are prioritizing both their physical and mental health. Those who are interested in a sober lifestyle have better options than in the past, ranging from soft drinks and juices to mocktails, hop waters and NA wines. They’re also experiencing unprecedented support opportunities, both online and in person.
This sober curious quiz is designed to help you see what stage you may be on in your own personal journey. Whether you choose to partake, want to better control your decision to partake, or completely call it quits, this quiz is a great place to start!

Answer with Honesty

Answering a questionnaire to discover either your position in a recovery journey or whether sober curiosity describes you should be done honestly and openly. This is the best way to accurately gauge where you are on this journey, which in turn provides the best insight into where you should go from here.

That’s why it’s so important to consider the following when you’re formulating your responses:
  • How often do you drink? (daily/weekly/monthly)
  • How do you feel when drinking? (free, numb, angry, guilty, craving)
  • How much do you drink? (drinks per day/week)
  • What consequences have you experienced due to drinking? (work issues, legal trouble, relationship issues)

The Benefits of Sobriety

The sober curious movement continues to gain momentum. Drinking has long served as a social pastime in America. From tailgating to bar hopping, wine-inspired book clubs, and milestone celebrations, alcohol has found its way into the heart of many events. This has created an unwarranted glamorization of the role alcohol should play in our social lives and most important moments.

Fortunately, in recent years, there has been a push against this established cultural standard. In its place, a new desire for alcohol-free festivals, gatherings, and social options is beginning to take hold. Today, more bars and restaurants are offering mocktail and NA beer options that are just as delicious and often healthier than their alcoholic alternatives.

This creates a safe environment for those who want to avoid alcohol and still enjoy themselves socially.

The Benefits of Sobriety

It also takes the pressure of individuals choosing not to drink but also not wanting to explain themselves to others. No matter your reasoning, the sober curious movement is all about enjoying yourself without relying on substances to do so and accessing the benefits of sobriety without scrutiny.

Consider these benefits: 

  • Improved Health – Alcohol, in general, is toxic, even in small doses. Alcohol can impact your weight, decision-making, brain clarity, and system functions.
  • Reduced Expenses – The cost of alcohol can rack up quickly. On average, Americans can spend anywhere from $300-500 a month on alcohol. If you are a heavy drinker, that number could be significantly higher and this money could be set aside for food, bills, and even vacations.
  • Diverse Opportunities for Fun – Sober curiosity helps individuals realize they can still have fun without alcohol. You can still be your fun, quirky self without relying on booze.
  • No Judgment – Choosing not to drink doesn’t mean a bar will turn you away at the door; in fact, you’re providing your bartender with a fun opportunity to create a unique, booze-free mocktail. When it comes to your friendships, true friends will support you regardless of your relationship with alcohol.

If taking breaks or challenging yourself to Dry January sound like a fun time, the sober curious movement is for you.

Take Action

Remember, the size of your ego has a large role to play when it comes to your relationship with alcohol. While some consider alcohol a fun treat to enjoy in moderation, some need it as a crutch to feel confident or at ease.

At Addiction Freedom Now, we are a community of recovery professionals and former addicts who have committed themselves to helping others in their sober journey. Whether you were surprised by your results or anticipated what you were going to get, we are here to provide guidance and support.